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VIP Fashion Vault in Los Angeles, California, is an online luxury consignment store featuring pre-loved celebrity fashion items at prices you can't resist. We are highly honored by our loyal customer following. Read on to learn about their shopping experience with us.

"I could not find anything anymore in my closet, but I was not willing to throw them out. Once I heard of VIP Fashion Vault, I gave them a call, and within the next day, they came to my house and helped me to sort out my items. They were very nice to carefully go through my items. They were so legitimate. If they think you should not sell something, they will tell you. Within six months, I made $30,000 out of my own closet I could not believe it. I am very happy. Thank you so much." -Joan C., Beverly Hills, CA

"I am willing to admit that I am a shopaholic, but finding VIP Fashion Vault has been the best remedy for me, because now I shop even more knowing I can resell them through a reputable company like them. I am their regular customer. They either come to me or I take my items to them after wearing the items once or twice. Sometimes, they sell my item at almost the price that I paid for it, especially if I got it on sale. I am happy that I can cash my items and enjoy my shopping even more." -Natalie E., Los Angeles, CA

"My sister lives in Southern California. She told me about VIP Fashion Vault, and how there are so many of them even in New York. She told me that she has sold not just her own accessories, but also her husband's suits and shoes, and even her baby's designer items. She was so impressed with their quality service and sense of professionalism. After I contacted them, they asked me to ship the items, and once they sorted through my bag, they took most of my items and returned the rest. They sold my designer apparel within such a short amount of time, and without worries or headache. Thanks for your help. You're the best." -Jennifer C., New York, NY

"My husband could not stand going to our walk-in closet because of all the items I was storing there. When I could not find anything anymore, my sister told me about VIP Fashion Vault. I took some of my stuff to them and they basically sold everything for me, even the ones I was going to throw out. Now, I am shopping more and enjoying my new items a lot more. Thanks so much." -Barbara C., Brentwood, CA


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